Casual Schmasual

Trade Chat

How many times have you see this type of thing in trade chat or on forums?

Several of the guilds I’ve been a member of have described themselves as being “casual raid guilds”.  On the surface, this seems like the best of both worlds.  You get phat lewtz but you aren’t a no-lifer.  It’s too good to be true!

I hate to break it to you, but when something seems too good to be true, it often is.  Sometimes you get lucky, like when McDonalds brings back the McRib for $0.99, but that hasn’t happened for years.

…. mmmm …. pork ….

The problem I think lies in the definition of “casual raiding”.  The people who start these guilds usally define it as “not quite as hardcore as the top guild on the server”.  The people who tend to join these guilds define it as “somewhere I can raid without having attendance requirements”.  These two definitions are not compatible.  If you want to progress (and really, who wants to be doing the same content over and over again?), you need to put in about 8-10 hours a week split over several sessions.  You need to balance your raid composition, so you need a consistent group of people to show up – you can mix and match dps without too much trouble, but unless you’re lucky enough to have multiple sets of geared tanks and healers, the experience is going to be inconsistent.

And an inconsistent experience for your members is something you want to avoid at all costs.  Nothing sucks the morale out of a guild than wiping on content you thought was on farm, only to realize it’s because you have three undergeared people in the raid compared to the last run.   Every time you raid, you want the performace to be better than it was the last time (save for when you hit new content naturally – XT-002 anyone?)

This doesn’t mean that there’s no place for casual raiding – but that’s what PUGs are for, or loose alliances among people from multiple guilds.  Or guilds that just want to play the game and don’t care about progression.  What I’m saying is that a “casual progression raiding guild” is a contradiction in terms.

Cold Comfort is going to be a hardcore progression raiding guild, with 3/4 attendance required.