Clarity of Purpose

It is important for a guild to know what it’s purpose is.

Are you a casual guild, who only seeks to raid when people happen to be online?  Are you a hardcore raiding guild, with strict attendance requirements?  Are you something in between?

Whatever you choose: know what it is, be able to articulate it, and stick with it.

Know What It Is

When I am looking for a guild, I tend to do a lot of PUG heroics and raids without a guild tag (even though I have a personal vanity guild).  I’ve always preferred for guilds to scout me out rather than go to them.  If someone talks to me about their guild and suggests that I might want to apply, the first question I typically have is to describe what their guild is all about.  Too often, that question either can’t be answered or is answered vaguely.

What I’m looking for when I ask this question is a concise distillation of the guild’s purpose.  Marketing droids might call this a “mission statement”, but if anyone in WoW does that I’ll probably vomit, then /ignore them.  The basic idea is the same though (sans flowery language).  What is your guild all about?

Be able to Articulate it

Even the short descriptions at the beginning of this post aren’t as informative as I’d like.  Try to distill your guild’s purpose into two sentences tops.  Here’s one for my old guild:

We aim to be the top progressed guild on the server focusing on 10-man content with a three-night raiding schedule.  We have no strict attendance requirements and use EP/GP for loot.

That type of a statment gets all the basic information in front of an applicant quickly.  If they have other questions, they can ask, but the likelihood is that they’ll have no further questions or pointed questions that ask you to expound upon the above.

Stick With It

A statement of your guild’s purpose that is only valid so long as the person who made it is online is of no use to your members or prospective applicants.  Before you start a recruiting drive, make sure you know what your purpose is.  Don’t change it halfway through – if you recruit 7 people to conquor 10 man content on a 5-night schedule, you can’t change your goal to be a 3-night casual raiding guild just because you haven’t attracted enough interest in the first three days.  If you have to radically change the purpose of the guild, that probably falls under the category of things that require consensus.