/ignore Guildie


A long time ago, I was fed up with the verbal diarrhoea that constantly spewed out from the husband of a friend in my guild.  It wasn’t crass, it was just idiotic drivel, and it.never.stopped.

In the end, I had to /ignore him to keep my sanity on that particular raid.  That worked just fine until a few days later, when I wanted to talk to said friend but couldn’t find her online.  I whispered her husband, whose response was promptly blocked by “… is ignoring you”.


My solution was to write

BeQuiet, an addon that I unfortunately didn’t get around to updating for WotLK.  Essentially what it did was give you an option on the context menu for a player that would ignore the player for a couple of hours, then remove them from the ignore list when the timer expired.

BeQuiet was useful, but when I recommended its use to some other players, I was sometimes met with the opinion that they did not want to ignore a guild member on principle.

My feeling on the matter is this: if I am an officer or leader within a guild, I should not ignore a guild member, regardless of the reason.  If there is a need to shut up a member due to them causing disruptions in guild chat, make sure you have a rank that is effectively muted – able to listen to but not speak in /g.  Stick people in there for a minute or two when they act up to show them that their behaviour is not acceptable.  But don’t prevent them from whispering you.

If on the other hand you are just a member of a guild, and not responsible for deciding who gets into the guild, then feel free to slap someone on /ignore when their behaviour interferes with your enjoyment of your playtime.  If the person who is getting on your nerves is an officer, carefully consider the impact.  It would be preferable to take your concerns up with whoever if above the officer in the guild.  If it’s the guild leader, then it’s time to reconsider your membership in the guild.

And just to prove my point, I’m turning off comments on this post.