The Noble Wendigo

WotLK Wendigo

When I first saw the]1 (or Ice Yeti as they tend to be called in game), I really thought there’d be more of them in the quest lines of Northrend.

So far though, I’ve killed them for their manes, beat one of them up while he was chained to a post, pretended to be another’s mate so I could kill him, and woken another up with the promise of food, just to kill him as well. 

Not a terribly noble fate for a creature that viscerally reminds me of the abominable snowman from the old Rudolph stop-motion specials at Christmas.

Abominable Snowman

Granted, I’ve only cleared out two zones of Alliance quests (though all of the Horde ones multiple times), so there may yet be something interesting with these creatures.

It’s strange – of all the new creatures introduced in WotLK, this one (to me at least) has the most unique model, yet seems to be featured the least.  Nearly every zone has some example of Nerubians, Flesh Giants, Tuskarr, Taunka, and so on.

Of course,knowing Blizzard, I’ll probably just end up]6]7]8 looking for some piece of cheap tat that some quest giver lost down a Yeti’s throat.  Either someone at Blizzard has a serious scat fetish, or the creation of a poop quest is a hazing ritual for new members of the quest design team.

I can imagine it now – a new quest designer working late one night is struck unconcious by a stealthy figure.  He wakes up in a dark room, surrouned by robed figures, one of who (female by the looks of it) is holding a solitary candle.  Then they dunk his head under water repeatedly screaming “WRITE A POOP QUEST!” until the poor bastard breaks down.

Just two of those per expansion and you’ve met your quota.  And with a new expansion coming some time next year, surely they need a new initiate to haze.