No, it’s *not* the tank’s fault

Agro I Haz It

There’s a difference between being DPS in a group with an undergeared tank and an unskilled tank.

As I explained in a

recent post, there’s a period between normal level 80 instances and raiding when your gear is the limiting factor in heroics.

If you are DPS and you find yourself past this point in your progression but running with a group whose tank is not past this point, then it’s incumbent upon YOU to attenuate your damage so that you don’t pull agro.  Either alter your rotation or get out of the group, but don’t keep doing exactly what you do when running with your guild tank then complain that it’s the tank’s fault when you pull agro.

This is not to say that it’s never the tank’s fault.  In the same run with Mr. Retribution, I said I was afk for a bio break only to come back and find the group already engaged with Loken on heroic.  Needless to say, he didn’t give up his tongue on that attempt.

These self-righteous DPS who are incapable of installing a threat meter or using the built-in one or just adapting in any way, shape or form to a changing situation are really getting on my nerves.

As long as I’ve been playing WoW, the concise description of a the role of DPS is “do as much damage as possible without pulling agro”.  This description pre-dates KTH Threat Meter, the Burning Crusade Expansion, and the first iteration of Naxx.  It was true when you had no Crusader Strike or Divine Storm.  It’s always been true.

Why can’t you get it through your bleeding skull that your job is to ride the tank’s threat, whatever that threat may be?


I think this is why I primarily play tanks and healers.  I’m just pay too much attention to things to be a faceroller.