WTB Guild, Paying 180g, PST

Gold Coins

If you ever want to create a guild, get yourself 180g and stand in front of the Org bank.  You’ll be done in a half hour, and then you can kick all the charters and start recruiting real players.

I’ve tried in the past to create vanity guilds, once by offering 1g, then 2g, then 5g as people failed to take me up on my offer, once by asking friends in my current guild to help.  Both methods are excruciatingly painful – it takes hours, you’re constantly worrying that your signees will run off and join other guilds or sign other charters, taking any payment you’ve given them with, etc.  It also leaves behind a trail that will forever link you with the new guild.

Cold Comfort was formed without a solid idea as to whether it was going to be a real or vanity guild.  I stood in front of the Org bank, advertising that I was paying 20g for sigs and for people to whisper.  If they whispered, I sent them a schpeel about how it was 10g now, 10g on guild formation, that they would be kicked after formation and if they were interested to find me in front of the Org bank.  It took all of about 45 minutes to get enough sigs, and I either gave the remaining 10g in person for those who wanted to come to me or mailed it to those who didn’t.

Today, I did the same for what will be my real vanity guild, and it only took 30 minutes.  I was so successful that around signature 6 of 9, another low-level alt came up beside me in Org and started offering the same deal (though they were /yelling, which I find to be such a déclassé way of doing this sort of thing).

A couple of things to bear in mind if you ever try this yourself.  You will end up with at least one person who thinks they’re getting the 20g up front.  You will end up with one person who temp gquits, then re-joins their old guild before the charter is full.  You might get this person back with the lure of the other 10g, but once it happens, assume you’re down one signature.  You will also end up with one person who thinks that they get to stay on when the guild is formed.  It doesn’t matter that you put all of this in your original whisper – people are blinded by the lure of gold and don’t read everything.  But that works for you as well.

So, now I have a proper vanity guild for the guild bank privileges (and into which all my characters shall flee should I leave my current guild), and Cold Comfort, which has one member – a newly minted level 1 which should serve to any the connection between my existing chars and CC that smart people might intuit.