A Few Changes

So, I’ve learned a few things recently:

  • once you miss a publishing deadline, it’s really easy to just get caught up and miss the next few as well
  • Gravity was right on two points – the “How to Win Friends and Influence Guildies” series wasn’t a good idea
  • I’m burnt out on WoW
  • Publishing two articles when you’re burnt out on the source material is not sustainable

I’ve hardly been playing WoW at all since I got back from vacation.  When I do, I farm materials and clear out my bank mule in preparation for Cataclysm.  I don’t do dungeon runs much.

I’m really jealous of the class-based bloggers out there who have a relative flood of information to write about since the class previews came out.  I doubt we’ll see the same kind of information dump related to the new guild features – it will all come from the beta (though part of me fears that the features won’t be enabled in early beta builds).

I had seriously considered wrapping things up with the blog, rather than continue to churn out forced articles.  A few people convinced me that that was a bad idea.  Once the Cataclysm beta starts, I do think I’ll get a second wind (especially if I’m in it and not getting everything second hand from news sites).  Until then, I’m making a few changes to Cold Comfort:

  • I’m scrapping the HWTFAIG series.  It was just a filler to keep up with an unrealistic publishing schedule.  Gravity will be pleased to note that I did buy the Seven Habits book, and while I agree that it’s better material, I have no plans to write an article series based on it.
  • I’m doing away with the Mon-Thu posting schedule.  When I have something that I can write a quality article about, I’ll post it.  I hope to get back to the kind of articles I was doing a few months ago, up around the 1500-2000 word mark rather than these piddly 600 word jobs I’ve been sending out recently.  If that only happens once every 10 days, so be it.  Quality over quantity.

Thank you again for the support in the comments, and I hope you’re all enjoying the class news and what I expect will be a few waves of ever more detailed analysis by all of the WoW blogging community who specialize in those topics.

Until Next Time (which now seems apt – perhaps I just should have been saying “Until Thursday” all this time?)


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