New Projects and What I’ve Been Up To

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted anything on Cold Comfort in nearly six months.  As long time readers surely suspected, this blog has probably run it’s course.

I did want to let people know about two new projects that I’m involved with, one of which you should find interesting if you like the content of my posts, and one which will only be of interest if you enjoy my rambling writing style.


Many of you will be familiar with Gravity, the blogger behind   pwnwear is the most popular Death Knight tanking site on the tubes, but Gravity has always written about much more than just tanking.  He was one of the first commenters on this blog, and continued to be a strong supporter when I was actively posting.

About six weeks ago, Gravity approached me and a few other guild leadership bloggers about starting a site with multiple authors that caterered to the guild leadership segment, sort of like tankspot does for all tanking classes or World of Matticus does for healing classes.  To that end, we have created

In addition to Gravity and myself, MMOLeader features writing from Kasgrin, Brangwen of Non Elitist Raiding Diary,  Blacksen of Blacksen’s End and Imperative and Khaas of SrsBusiness.

The big difference between our individual blogs and MMOLeader is that we’re building a community.  We have a full set of forums, and front page posts are just pinned forum topics – everyone can contribute.  In addition, anyone can post in a forum and if we feel the topic warrants front page discussion, we can pin it and get it some visibility without you having to register as an author and learn WordPress.

You can comment without registering, and you can login with your Facebook or Twitter account to make getting into the conversation quick and easy.

All of my guild management related writing will be over there from now on, so if you enjoy my writing, I highly recommend heading over there for the same and more.

Project: Loremaster2

On a personal level, I’ve started a blog dedicated to my next alt project: leveling two new alts from 1 to 85 in Cataclysm, doing everything in order and getting all the Loremaster achievements without doubling back at max level.

I’ll be covering issues related to dualboxing hardware, macros, user interfaces, and doing regular diaries of my questing, dungeon and levelling.  If you’ve ever been interested in dualboxing but didn’t know where to start, this may interest you.

Join me at