75k Gold in Three Months

I’ve written in the past about the lengths I go to do complete each of my characters.  Part of that is just my personality, but there are some serious financial benefits to my approach.  I didn’t realize quite how much until I sat down to add up how much gold I had earned and spent while leveling all of my characters from 70 to 80 on the US realms over the summer.

My three-month subscription on both accounts is about to run out, coinciding nicely with a vacation.  Once I get back, I’m going back to my EU characters, so this week has been a massive cleanout of character and guild banks, liquidating as much as I can, as Cataclysm will likely have been released by the time I get back to these characters.

Over the three months I was playing, I took five alliance and four horde characters up to 80 plus created a new Death Knight and took him to 80.  On five of those characters, I completed Loremaster of Northrend.   All my characters now have at least one crafted epic weapon, epic flying, cold weather flying, and an epic flying mount.  I didn’t farm dailies, nor did I play the auction house beyond using AuctionLite to set the best buyout price for craftables.

The big ticket things that I bought:

I started with about 8k gold left from my TBC days.  As I get ready to retire these accounts again, I have about 35k gold in two guild banks and what I keep on my characters – more than enough to let me comfortably level these guys up in Cataclysm if I ever return the North America (or just repeat this exercise from the EU again).

There’s nothing incredibly profound here; just the numbers.  If you’ve ever found yourself short of gold, perhaps you need to look at what’s out there for the taking if you actually complete the questlines.   If I had the time to finish Loremaster of Northrend on the other 5 characters, I could probably bump the total up by another 10 or 15 thousand.  There were some extenuating circumstances – I wasn’t able to raid with my latency, so I didn’t spend that much money on full gems or enchants, but even if I had gone down that road I have 440 or higher in every tradeskill between my characters now – the only impact would have been to my leftover cash, as I would have had a few less gems and enchanting materials to sell.

Even if you don’t play as frequently as me, earning this much gold over six months or even a year should let you pimp out your main however you want, or maintain a ready army of alts as I do.

I’m a wee bit burnt from staying up late to watch the DirectTV stream of Blizzcon here in the UK (the interesting panels didn’t start until past 2am here), but I will be writing up my take on the guild leaership news that was released.  Blizzard has some very interesting ideas for helping people feel more connected to their guild, or at the very least to make the connection to the guild more tangibly valuable.

Until Next Time