A Few Changes

So, I’ve learned a few things recently:

I’ve hardly been playing WoW at all since I got back from vacation.  When I do, I farm materials and clear out my bank mule in preparation for Cataclysm.  I don’t do dungeon runs much.

I’m really jealous of the class-based bloggers out there who have a relative flood of information to write about since the class previews came out.  I doubt we’ll see the same kind of information dump related to the new guild features – it will all come from the beta (though part of me fears that the features won’t be enabled in early beta builds).

I had seriously considered wrapping things up with the blog, rather than continue to churn out forced articles.  A few people convinced me that that was a bad idea.  Once the Cataclysm beta starts, I do think I’ll get a second wind (especially if I’m in it and not getting everything second hand from news sites).  Until then, I’m making a few changes to Cold Comfort:

Thank you again for the support in the comments, and I hope you’re all enjoying the class news and what I expect will be a few waves of ever more detailed analysis by all of the WoW blogging community who specialize in those topics.

Until Next Time (which now seems apt – perhaps I just should have been saying “Until Thursday” all this time?)