Best of 2009

Ah, the joy of 10 days away from work.  It just gets you in the mood for doing … nothing, or at least nothing that requires much effort.

The problem is that when you talk about transparency all the time, you can’t easily get away with half-assing an article during the holidays.  But if you just come out and admit that you’re half-assing it, then that’s OK.  Right?  Right?

In that spirit, I present the articles I’ve written this year that I am most proud of.  For those of you who have started reading the blog in the last few months, I hope you may find something here that of interest that you’ve not come across in the archives.  For the loyal readers, thank you for continuing to put up with me.  I hope you’re all enjoying some downtime as we head into 2010.

It’s a fair assumption that Cataclysm will be out in 2010.  I’m guessing that we’ll start seeing beta invites sometime in the second quarter.  Once that happens (and assuming I get an invite, or can work by proxy via someone who does), I’m sure to have some more meaty articles for you all.

  1. Alliance vs Horde Lore in Northrend: An off-topic post that I’m still proud of.  Blizzard are great story-tellers, and if you haven’t experienced some of the quest chains I mention in this post (on both factions), you’re doing yourself a disservice by not doing it at least once.
  2. Loot Collusion in Raids in Patch 3.2: I was sadly prescient on this one, as this was an issue during patch 3.2 (though somewhat less since 3.3, if only because you can get emblems faster from chain running heroics)
  3. Foresight: As a guild leader, what do you do to prepare for a new patch?
  4. Breaking Up a Guild Bank: It’s like a divorce, but without lawyers.  How do you split up the goods that you earned as a group after a guild is no longer viable?
  5. Motivation to Raid: Do you know why you raid?  Do you know why your guild members raid?  Are the reasons the same?
  6. Policy Transparency: How open is the business of your guild to your members?
  7. Nerdrage and How To Deal With It: I was writing about the Battle.Net merge nerdrage on the official forums, but knowing how to deal with rage from your members is a valuable tool.
  8. Turning Bads Into Goods: If you don’t have a steady flow of qualified applicants, you can undertake to improve people who aren’t up to spec.
  9. Guild Ranks and Controls: Advice on how to set up your ranks for security and flexibility.
  10. The Myths of Account Sharing: I have zero tolerance for people who share accounts.  If you allow it, perhaps I can debunk some of the common myths.
  11. All About EP/GP: An overview of the loot sytem and why I think it’s the best balance between fair loot distribution and time invested.
  12. Guild Changes in Cataclysm: A six-part series detailing the changes announced at Blizzcon 2009 with regards to guilds.

Until Next Time – Have a Safe and Enjoyable New Year!