Do All Guilds Suck?

When I first chose the name Cold Comfort (the idea for the guild predates this blog by more than a year), I had just left a guild I was an officer in after a falling out with the guild leader.  Things had been rough in the guild for a while.  Combined with the pain of leaving, I came up with the tag line “All Guilds Suck.  We Suck Less” for Cold Comfort.

At first, I wasn’t sure if it was just something to catch the eye in a recruiting blurb or something I truly believed in.  Exploring the latter has been on my mind as I prepare to open recruiting for the guild.

Obviously I’m not suggesting that all guilds suck to be a member of.  I am stating that by their very nature, all guilds have the tendency to suck more than they have the tendency to rock.  This probably doesn’t apply for the purely social guilds who do no progression, but for all raiding guilds, you are trying to focus 9-24 other people’s personal goals into a common effort.  There’s no employment contract to enforce desired behaviour, no “we all win or nobody wins” situation – some people are going to give it their all, others will half-ass it and not everyone will go home with new loot every day.  To continue to slog your way through that night after night, you need to take the long view – something that guild leaders tend to adopt easily but that you can’t assume members will.

With no push in either direction, I maintain that guilds will fall apart due to the conflicting forces.  Nobody wants to be in a guild that isn’t moving through content, because that removes your primary benefit for being there.  Perhaps what I’m trying to say would be better stated as a postulate: Guilds Tend To Suck.

What I was attempting to do with the tag line was to say “guilds tend to suck.  We recognize this and have some ideas to focus our members in the other direction”.  Having explained all that the tag line works both as an eye-catcher and as a motto.  Still, I can’t help but think that over the long term it might seem trite and childish, as it certainly will to anyone who doesn’t read the explanation.

So, before I start spamming this on forums and in chat channels, what do you think?  Do guilds tend to suck?  Is the tag line functional, or just cheesy?  Should I drop it before I open recruiting or see how far it takes me in garnering interest before deciding?

Until Next Time