Minor Updates on Guilds in Cataclysm

There isn’t quite enough detail to warrant a full post, but a few details were recently announced about the guild levelling system scheduled for introduction with Cataclysm.  The details come from IgoMir, the “Russian E3”.

Visit the original article for the specifics; the only thing that I find interesting is that the guild experience feature was originally described as being very much like player experience – activities by guild members would accrue XP for the guild as it leveled from one to twenty, gaining talents points along the way.  Once at max level, the experience would be converted into guild currency.

This new description is a bit different – it sounds like your experience is converted to currency at the end of every week.  You can then choose to spend that currency to buy talent points or the items that were mentioned previously: reagents, profession recipes, etc.

This may suggest that the time to level a guild to 20 might be a months-long process for a reasonable guild, and Blizzard wants to allow smaller or less active guilds the choice to progress via recipes or via talents.  Personally I’d prefer the original system with a shorter levelling curve, but I can see how that might encourage a large number of small vanity guilds, which doesn’t really serve the needs of a server’s population.

Other updates include:

Everything else in the article seems to be a recap of what was announced at Blizzcon ’09.  The Blizzard speaker seems to have been J. Allen Brack, but it’s not clear if the news that wow.com is reporting is going through a double translation or not.  Some of the finer points may not be entirely accurate.

Hopefully we’ll get some clarification or confirmation in the next few days, but it sounds like the guild changes are still in flux and subject to change.

Until Next Time

UPDATE 20 Nov 2009: According to the official coverage, experience providing currency at levels 1-19 was not accurate:


It appears that the original Blizzcon 2009 description was correct: XP levels up a guild until 20, at which point it becomes currency.  Specifically excluded is the idea of the conversion being XP to currency to talent points.