That One Thing They Do

I can’t seem to peg reader response to my articles.  The ones I’m most proud of get no comments, and the rushed ones get a conversation rolling within hours of going up.

A friend tells me that those rushed articles expose my human side.  When I explain (in my best Lich King / Dr. Claw voice1) that I have no human side, she just glares at me (like Smiling, this also works virtually) and calls me a dork.

So, let’s try another open question about fixing things and see if her theory holds.

Let’s say that you have the power to change one annoying thing about being a guild leader. You wish it, and it’s changed forever. Again, it could be mechanical or social (and possibly, though not likely contractual).

What’s that one thing that you have to deal with as a leader that gets under your skin? It could be something that happens occasionally that sets you off, or a daily chore that you smile your way through because you know it’s what the guild needs from you.

Me? Convincing people to stick it out when recruitment leaves us unable to raid for a week. I’d love to be in a strict 10 person guild, but experience has taught me that the threshold between having not enough, just enough and too many people is too thin. As little as three people can be the difference between raiding and canceling.

If any two members are linked (such that one would leave if the other did), this becomes even harder. One person leaves for whatever reason. Their friend bails too. Now you find yourself unable to raid, and people get antsy. As a guild leader, I take the long view. Members often don’t. After one or two weeks of called raids, it’s not uncommon for people to start heading to greener pastures, and then your recruiting job becomes even harder.

So I’d wish for my members to take the long view as well. To understand that building a solid raid team with such tight thresholds is always going to go through periods of instability. The only way to even out these periods is to have so many people on the roster that you’re constantly sitting people, which can snowball into it’s own set of problems.

So that’s my wish. How about you?

1 Seriously, try saying “I charge you now with the cleansing of Zul’Drak, Drakuru” then “I’ll get you next time, Gadget, next time!”. I can’t tell mine apart.